A house with a well-furnished wooden work gives as finishing touch and furniture matching with the shades of interiors of the house delivers a distinctive look to the interiors of entire house. Sometimes people use inbuilt sandstone made cabinets and sitting arrangements for their house, though they are very strong but look outdated but now people become smart and using wood work and furniture made with pure timbers.

Households owners who use furniture and house furnishing made with wood have also advantages to allow carpenters to make them flexible and adjustable as per the availability of the space. Furniture made from wood is convenient to use and this naturally made material remains for long period of time in the normal environment. Interior decorators in Delhi NCR use woodwork furnishing techniques to make space of the house artistically beautiful using showpiece or daily use household items at different places such as bookstand in livings room, cupboard or lockers in bed room and open cabinets or shelves in kitchens.